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Why work with us?

Customer focus

We are a customer orientated business. We listen to your issue and come up with a plan to solve the issues the most economical way possible.


We are Rochesters most experienced and well know transmission repair shop. We always strive to go above and beyond each customers needs.


We own the latest scan tools that are updated every month. We stay on top of all the latest updates in the industry, to ensure that your repair is the most up to date.

Our working process.

Diagnose the issue, Call the Customer, Source the parts locally. Fix the problem. Deliver the vehicle


Diagnose the problem

Hooking up the pressure gauges and scanner to the vehicles diagnostics port



After the initial diagnosis, We visually will look at the area where the problem exists. Looking for obvious signs of issues.


Contact Customer

We will then call the customer to get authorization to delve deeper into
the diagnosis, and voice what the scanner codes are pointing to.


Zeroing in on the Issue

After contacting the customer and receiving approval to work on their vehicle,
we start pinpointing the issue, until we locate the problem.


Call Customer with update

Provide quote and time frame for issue to be fixed.


Find Parts Locally

Call our local sources and order local quality parts.


Call Customer to schedule pickup

Call customer to arrange payment and pick up of their vehicle.