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Customer focus

Great customer focus means putting customers at the forefront of every decision. It's about understanding their needs deeply, anticipating desires, and tailoring solutions accordingly. Constant feedback loops ensure continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving preferences. Transparency and accessibility build trust, while proactive communication demonstrates dedication to customer success. Every action is driven by the commitment to delivering exceptional value and building long-lasting relationships.


Great customer experience is seamless, intuitive, and memorable. It's about understanding needs and exceeding expectations. From personalized service to efficient problem-solving, every interaction is positive and enriching. Communication is clear, empathetic, and timely. Customers feel valued, listened to, and appreciated. Consistency in quality, coupled with a human touch, fosters trust and loyalty. Ultimately, it's an emotional connection that leaves a lasting impression.


Advanced diagnostic tools for automobile transmissions utilize sophisticated sensors and software algorithms to analyze various parameters such as fluid pressure, temperature, and gear engagement. They can detect subtle abnormalities, identify specific issues like solenoid malfunctions or clutch wear, and provide detailed diagnostic reports. Some tools even offer real-time monitoring and predictive analytics, enabling proactive maintenance and preventing costly breakdowns.

Our working process

Our process involves diagnosing transmission issues, disassembling, inspecting, and repairing components, reassembling them with precision, and testing for functionality. Customer communication and satisfaction are also integral aspects.

Problem identification

Identifying transmission problems involves thorough diagnostics using specialized tools to assess fluid levels, inspecting for leaks, analyzing gear shifting behavior, and conducting computerized scans for error codes. A comprehensive examination helps pinpoint issues accurately for effective repairs.


Investigating transmission problems requires meticulous examination of symptoms such as unusual noises, rough shifting, or fluid leaks. It involves a systematic approach, including visual inspection, diagnostic testing, and component analysis to determine the root cause and recommend appropriate repairs.

Explain the Issue

We will  explain the transmission problem in simple terms, avoiding technical jargon unless the customer specifically requests more detail. Describe how the issue was identified and its potential impact on the vehicle’s performance and safety.

Provide Options

We will offer various solutions for addressing the transmission issue, including repair options, estimated costs, and potential timelines for completion. If applicable, discuss warranty coverage or any available financing options.

Decision Making

We allow the customer time to consider their options and make an informed decision. Avoid pressuring them into a particular choice but offer guidance and recommendations based on their vehicle’s needs and their budget.

Documentation, Documentation, Documentation

We will document the details of the conversation, including the transmission issue discussed, proposed solutions, customer decisions, and any agreements made. This documentation can help ensure clarity and accountability moving forward.

Issue will be fixed. Period

We guarantee that you will get a quality repair. We guarantee that we will not cut any corners in the process. We will guarantee that the issue will be fixed, and will make the repair last longer than what any dealer can do. And we guarantee that the repair will be done at a fair price.